Rugby League Information

Rugby league information is a sport played by teams of 13 players. It is a contact game where the goal is to score more points than the opposing team within 80 minutes of play.

It originated in nineteenth century England where a group of clubs became disgruntled with the rules of the Rugby Football Union. They set up their own competition.

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Game rules

The game of rugby league is one of the most popular and exciting sports to watch. However, there are a lot of rules and regulations that can get confusing.

The simple aim of a rugby league game is to score more points than your opponent within 80 minutes of play. Each team has thirteen players on the field and four on the bench.

Each player has a specific role during the game. The forwards carry the ball, while the backs focus on defending.

The attacking team has a set of six ‘chances’ to score, also known as ‘six tackles’. If they do not score, the ball is handed over to the defending team.


Rugby league is a sport that involves physical contact and fast, hard-paced play on an expansive field. Players are required to be physically fit and strong to play well on the field, and effective teamwork is also essential.

Tries are scored when a player touches the ball to the ground and crosses the opposing team’s goal line. If a try is scored, the scoring team is given the option of scoring two additional points with a conversion kick.

A conversion is scored by kicking the ball above the crossbar and between the posts, from a point in line to where the try was scored. It is similar to an extra point in American football.

A drop goal is worth one point, but can only be made after a player has been in possession for at least 60 seconds. It can be scored when the scoring team is within a converted try of their opponent or when the score is close in a game with time running out.

Offside rules

One of the most interesting side rules in rugby league is offside. It can be tricky to understand but once you get the hang of it it makes sense.

In rugby league, each team competes to expand their territory by moving the ball past the opposing team’s goal line and into the in-goal area. They do this by carrying or kicking the ball and by set pieces such as rucks and mauls.

A try is scored by a player carrying the ball past the try line into the in-goal area; this is worth four points. Alternatively, a player may kick the ball into the in-goal area to score further points called a goal.

The game is played between two teams of 15 players each. Each player is assigned a position, including backs, forwards and a number of interchange players.

Rules of conduct

Rugby is a team sport and therefore respect must be shown to all players, coaches, officials and supporters. This should be reflected in their conduct and attitude on the field.

If you have any complaints about a player or the conduct of a coach, official or supporter, raise them immediately. Most issues can be resolved informally between the individuals concerned but if this fails then a formal complaint procedure should be followed.

The Code of Conduct applies to all players, club staff and volunteers, parents or guardians and any spectators who participate in the game at Dural Rugby Club. The aim of the code is to encourage a positive culture and ensure that the values and traditions of rugby are upheld.

All players and team officials must be at all times respectful of others, including the referee, other teammates and opponents. They must never engage in behavior that is threatening or demeaning, including swearing, sledging and obscene gestures or words.